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Unauthorized Purchases on Credit/Debit Cards


Have you been the victim of identity theft, or had unauthorized purchases made on your debit or credit card after it was lost or stolen?  Did your bank or credit card company hold you responsible for the money stolen from you

We are currently investigating banks and credit card companies that refuse to refund customers the amount that is required when a customer incurs unauthorized charges or withdrawals on his or her credit or debit card.  Under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act and the Fair Credit Billing Act, a customer who is the victim of identity theft, or who had any unauthorized purchases made on their card, cannot be held responsible for the payment of more than $500 on unauthorized debit card purchases or more than $50 on unauthorized credit card purchases.

If you have incurred unauthorized charges on your credit or debit card and were made to pay more than $500 in unauthorized debit card purchases or more than $50 in unauthorized credit card purchases, you may be able to make a claim for damages.  If you have questions about this investigation or would like to discuss your potential claim, please contact us today.