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Corporations Charging Improper Taxes

When consumers shop, they expect merchants to charge them only taxes which have actually been imposed by the government. However, many corporations charge improper taxes. From taxing goods and services which are not subject to tax, to imposing taxes improperly on certain kinds of goods, many corporations engage in unfair and improper tax practices.

Anna P. Prakash

Consumer Law Attorney
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Examples of corporations charging improper taxes include the following:

  • Charging taxes on access to the Internet. This practice is forbidden by the Internet tax freedom act.
  • Charging improper taxes on goods which are on sale.
  • Failing to refund taxes in full on items which are returned.
  • Disguising charges which are actually company charges as government imposed taxes or government imposed fees.

The lawyers at Nichols Kaster understand how frustrating it can be to pay charges that you don’t actually owe, or which were illegally imposed on you by a corporation. We have the resources and skill to take on defendants of any size, and have experienced success in getting refunds for consumers who were improperly charged taxes.

If you believe you may have been charged improper taxes, please contact us to take action.