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“False Discount & Deceptive Pricing”

Items that are advertised as being on sale have an instant appeal. The draw of a discount or a good deal is undeniable. But not all sales are truly sales, and some so-called “sales” can be illegal. Numerous retailers around the country are facing serious questions about false discounts and deceptive pricing presented to consumers in retail stores and online. Our consumer rights attorneys investigate the practice of listing a retail item as “discounted” or “on sale” when, in truth, the item is never or rarely priced at the original value listed.

Examples of false discounts and deceptive pricing include:

  • Inflated price comparisons: Claiming deep discounts off falsely inflated or arbitrary “compare at”, “original” or “MSRP” prices;
  • Bogus markdown schemes: Labeling an item as “on sale” when the supposedly discounted price is the regular price;
  • Outlet stores that create the illusion of a bargain by comparing outlet prices to regular store prices, when goods are made exclusively for the outlet store or are of a lesser quality than goods sold in regular retail stores.
Paul J. Lukas

Consumer Law Attorney
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Fabricated discounts and deceptive pricing can be found in retail stores and online. These deceptive business practices harm the consumers who rely on these representations to make purchasing decisions, and can also have a negative impact on the company’s competitors who use honest and lawful promotional efforts.

If you have purchased items in store or online based on misleading discounts or inflated “compare at” pricing, please contact our consumer lawyers. Our experienced class action attorneys handle false discount and deceptive pricing lawsuits nationwide and would like to hear from you.