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Fraudulent For-Profit Colleges

Many of those seeking the benefits of a college degree turn to for-profit colleges. Unlike traditional non-profit and community colleges, for-profit colleges use student’s tuition to make money. These schools often market themselves to adults seeking career advancement, promising flexible scheduling, affordable tuition and excellent job placement rates. Unfortunately, many of these claims are often exaggerated or untrue.

These for-profit colleges also require students who enroll to sign up for large student loans in order to finance their high tuitions. According to the Government Accountability Office, for-profit colleges have become a $30 billion a year industry, with about 90% of their revenue coming from student loans alone.

For-profit colleges have routinely been accused of the using high-pressure or deceptive sales tactics on prospective students during the recruitment process. We are investigating for-profit colleges for deceptive recruiting practices such as:

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  • Inflated graduation rates.
  • Inflated job placement rates.
  • Untrue claims about credits transferring to another school.
  • False accreditation claims.
  • Misleading students about debt burden from student loans.
  • Inaccurate tuition rates.

Please contact us if you feel that you have been the victim of deceptive or misleading for-profit college recruiting or marketing, or if you have other complaints about your for-profit college experience.