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Illegal Health Care Practices


The healthcare industry is large and complicated and can leave consumers to deal with scammers or fraudulent or illegal practices. And, with overlapping government regulations at the federal and state level, it can be hard for consumers to know their rights and legal protections.

For example, health insurance companies may bill you for more than you owe under your policy, or improperly deny claims that should be covered. Health care providers may try to charge you exorbitant bills that are illegal under some state laws, or excessive fees for copies of your own medical records.

In other instances, some health insurance companies may charge patients more in copays than the actual cost of the prescription medication and pocket the surplus This illegal business practice is referred to as a copay clawback scheme.

These practices all harm consumers by causing them to pay more than they actually owe or by denying them health care.

The following are some examples of potentially illegal health care practices:

  • Billing copays for prescription medications that are more than the cost of the drug and keeping the surplus  (for more information on this practice, please go here)
  • Charging excessive fees for copies of medical or pharmacy records
  • Sending patients exorbitant surprise bills
  • Billing for out of network care to which the patient did not consent
  • Billing for services patients did not receive
  • Charging patients for help signing up for health insurance
  • Improper denial of coverage

If you believe you have been the victim of any of these potentially illegal healthcare practices or other healthcare fraud, please contact us. Our experienced consumer class action attorneys would like to hear from you.