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Illegal Insurance Company Fees and Unauthorized Charges

Many insurance companies generate substantial profits by charging customers add-on fees, denying valid claims, or improperly decreasing payments to customers with valid claims. Often, the fees and deductions are undisclosed and were never agreed to by the consumer.

Examples of potentially illegal or unauthorized practices by insurance companies include:

  • Bad faith denial of claims: Denying valid claims for property damage or injuries covered by an insurance policy;
  • Undisclosed fees and costs: Requiring a policyholder to pay additional fees, costs, or charges not clearly disclosed in the policy agreement;
  • Illegal depreciation or other deductions: Paying less than the full amount owed to policyholders on valid claims, by deducting amounts from the payment or depreciating the value of labor or other services.

Nichols Kaster’s consumer rights attorneys understand how unfair it can feel to take on a large insurance company on your own. Please contact our experienced class action attorneys if you have been the victim of any illegal practices by an insurance company.