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Information Privacy and Data Breaches

Today, more and more consumer information is being handled electronically, making it even easier for companies to receive, store, purchase, and use your private information. Several federal statutes have been enacted in an effort to better protect consumers’ private information from being wrongly accessed or disclosed. Which law applies often depends on the context in which the access or disclosure occurred.

Below are some of the privacy laws that most commonly affect consumers:

Data Breaches

Large corporations possess an overwhelming amount of private data about consumers and are not always as careful with that data as they should be. Our firm is handling class action lawsuits based on companies’ failure to maintain legally required procedures to maintain data privacy. Recently, numerous corporations, including Target have experienced data breaches.

Practical advice for how to deal with a data breach varies tremendously depending on the nature of the data breached. Advice from the National Consumer Law Center for consumers who were the victims of a data breach can be found here.

Some of the risks of data breaches include unauthorized charges to your credit card, damage to your credit, and the potential for identity theft.

If you or anyone you know has been the victim of a data breach, please contact us immediately.

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