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Whistleblower Claims

Many states have laws that protect employees who “blow the whistle” on illegal activity. Under the Minnesota Whistleblower Act, for example, you may have a claim if you report violations of the law to a government agency or to your supervisors, or if you refuse to perform an employer’s order that violates the law, and suffer retaliation as a result. The law prohibits employers from retaliating against employees when they engage in certain protected conduct.

You do not necessarily need to be an employee to have a whistleblower claim. There are a number of other statutes that provide whistleblower protections and rewards to current employees, former employees, and residents alike. For example, if you report possible government fraud, mishandling of toxic substances, violations of tax or securities laws, discrimination in education, or failure to provide access to public facilities, whistleblower protection may be available. In some cases, the law may even reward you for blowing the whistle against entities that engage in these types of violations.

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