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Westgate Resorts Timeshare Sales Representatives/Agents

Our firm is currently conducting an investigation into Westgate Resorts.  We have received information leading us to believe that Westgate Resorts may have improperly treated its timeshare sales representatives/agents as “independent contractors” rather than as employees who are eligible to minimum wages and overtime pay. 

If you have worked for Westgate Resorts a timeshare sales representative/agent within the past three years, even if you were paid on a commissions-only basis, you may be eligible to make a claim to recover additional compensation.   

If would like to discuss our investigation, believe you may have been incorrectly treated as an independent contractor, and/or that you were owed minimum or overtime wages, please contact Tessa Asong-Morfaw directly at (612) 256-3240 or at  You may also review our website for more information about our firm and our experience representing employees.

Type of Investigation

Independent Contractors