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Pension Plan Lawyers

Both federal and state law regulate the operation of pension plans, also called defined benefit plans, and guarantee participants and beneficiaries certain legal rights. If you believe that you are not being paid what was promised to you under your employee pension plan, or that your pension plan is being mismanaged, you may have a claim. We have represented employees who were denied their full pension benefits and would like to hear from you.

Pension Plans Details

A pension plan is a form of retirement plan where participants are guaranteed a certain amount of money upon retirement. If you feel that you are not receiving your full pension benefits or if you feel that your employer has mismanaged the pension trust, please contact us. You are entitled to your pension plan documents and we can help you request and review them.

Examples of Potential Pension Plan Misuse

  • Denying employees full pension benefits on the grounds that some have been forfeited
  • Denying employees appropriate vesting credits when they leave and later return
  • Denying employees pension benefits when the company merges with another
  • Miscalculating the amount of pension benefits

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