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Housekeepers and Maintenance Workers

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Housekeepers, and maintenance workers (e.g., janitors and custodians), often work long hours in an industry where unscrupulous companies have subjected their workers to wage theft. For example, instead of paying an overtime premium of 1.5 times the worker’s regular rate of pay for overtime hours (hours over 40 per week) worked, some companies pay “straight time” only for all hours worked.  In addition, some companies may be unlawfully paying these workers through multiple paychecks for hours worked in one workweek to avoid overtime pay (e.g., splitting hours between paychecks), requiring them to work “off-the-clock”, or engaging in other unfair pay practices.  Some companies improperly classify cleaners and maintenance workers as “independent contractors”, issuing them a 1099 tax form, in an attempt to avoid overtime pay and other laws they would be required to follow if their workers were classified as employees.

Our wage and hour attorneys are dedicated to fighting wage theft and ensuring employers follow federal and state overtime laws. Please contact our team for a free and confidential evaluation if you believe you may have been unfairly paid.

If you have questions about this investigation or  would like to discuss your potential claims, please contact us.  All communications are confidential and free of charge.