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Vulcan Materials Company – Potential Misclassification of Drivers as Independent Contractors

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Our firm, in conjunction with the law firm of Leonard Carder, LLP, is currently conducting an investigation into the pay practices at Vulcan Materials Company (“Vulcan").  We are investigating whether Vulcan may have incorrectly treated its haul drivers, ready-mix drivers, building materials drivers, and others in similar job titles (“drivers”) as “independent contractors” instead of employees entitled to certain benefits and protections under the law.  Specifically, we are investigating whether, due to the independent contractor classification, Vulcan may have unlawfully denied drivers overtime compensation for the overtime hours (over 40 per week) they worked.  If you are or were misclassified as an independent contractor, you may have a claim to recover back pay. 

We are currently seeking more information regarding Vulcan’s pay practices.  If you are willing to assist us with our investigation by answering a few quick questions, and/or believe you have been paid improperly, please contact Dana Nelson directly at (612) 256-3222, or at  For more information about Leonard Carder, LLP, please visit

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