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Court Grants Motion for Conditional Certification Under the Fair Labor Standards Act - GEICO Case Update

Good news.  On December 5, 2018, the court granted conditional certification of this overtime case for current and former auto damage adjusters who participated in GEICO’s auto damage adjuster training program.  The trainees allege GEICO violated state and federal law when it limited the amount of overtime it paid for time they spent on mandatory studying and homework assignments during GEICO’s 5 to 7-week training course.

The court’s order instructs GEICO to provide a list of current and former auto damage adjuster trainees so class counsel can send them a notice, which advises them of their rights and their ability to make a claim for their unpaid overtime by returning a consent to join form. The notice will be sent to those trainees who attended the auto damage adjuster training during the past 3 years.  Those who are already signed up, do not need to sign up again.