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Sprint Nextel (Retail Employees) – Unpaid Commissions Lawsuit

Sibley et al. v. Sprint Nextel Corp. et al., Case No.: 02:08–CV–02063-KHV

(District of Kansas)

Class Action Commissions Settlement

This webpage provides information regarding the 2018 settlement of a class action entitled, Sibley et al. v. Sprint Nextel Corp. et al., Case No.: 02:08–CV–02063–KHV (District of Kansas). The case was filed in February 2008. The lawsuit alleges that because of problems with Sprint’s commissions system, Sprint did not pay all of the commissions due to former or current retail employees.

The Settlement Class includes: All persons nationwide who did not opt out of the Class Litigation and worked in Sprint’s retail stores during the Class Period of August 12, 2005 through September 30, 2009, including Retail Store District Managers, Retail Store Managers, Assistant Retail Store Managers, Lead Retail Consultants, Retail Consultants, Retail Sales Representatives, and other retail employees (all of whom held at least one of the job titles set forth in Exhibit A to the Expert Stipulation entered at Docket No. 357-1 in the Class Litigation) and whose compensation was based in full or in part on commissions.

The settlement also provides for the following Settlement Subclasses of the Settlement Class: those Settlement Class Members who, according to the Class Expert calculations, were (1) correctly paid or overpaid (4,482 Class Members); (2) only worked in Period 65 (August 2005) (274 Class Members); or (3) had insufficient data to calculate an underpayment (2,787 Class Members).

Sprint denies the claims, that the Settlement Class was net underpaid commissions under the terms of the commission contracts and that the Settlement Class is entitled to relief. However, the parties believe that the proposed settlement is a fair and reasonable resolution in light of the risk and expense of continued litigation. The settlement provides that Sprint will pay $30,500,000.00 to settle this case (the “Total Settlement Amount”). This proposed settlement has received preliminary approval from the Court and will resolve all claims of the Settlement Class Members who do not request exclusion from the settlement.

This proposed settlement received preliminary approval from the Court on June 28, 2018 and will resolve all Released Claims of the Settlement Class Members who do not request exclusion from the case.

Settlement Documents and Information

Those Settlement Class Members included in the settlement are listed in the Settlement Allocations spreadsheet below (use Ctrl F to search for your name). Links to other settlement related documents are also provided:

Order Granting Permission to Send Notice of Settlement 8/31/2018

Supplemental Order on Preliminary Approval of Settlement 6/28/18

Order on Adequacy of Settlement Notice and Certification of Subclasses 6/27/18

Order on Preliminary Approval of Settlement 5/9/18

Settlement Agreement

Settlement Allocations

Settlement Postcard

Notice of Settlement

Email Notice

List of Ineligible Non-Class Members

Settlement Timeline

Description Date
Notice of Settlement Mailing 9/7/2018
Deadline for Objections and Requests for Exclusion 11/6/2018
Final Approval Hearing


10:30 a.m. in Courtroom 643, United States District Court, 500 State Ave., Kansas City, KS (Judge Vratil)

Updated Address Information

Settlement Class Members can update their contact information by clicking the "Update Contact Information" button above.

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