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Sprint Nextel (Retail Employees) – Unpaid Commissions Lawsuit - Update March 26, 2018

At the preliminary approval hearing earlier this month, the Court requested additional information about the settlement process, which the parties filed on March 19th.  The Court also asked the parties to remove the claim form requirement from the settlement process and send checks directly to class members.  This means that, upon the Court's preliminary approval of the settlement, class members will be sent a settlement notice and provided an opportunity to request exclusion if they do not wish to participate in the settlement.  After that exclusion period, the Court will hold a final fairness hearing at a date to be determined.  Once the Court grants final approval of the settlement, class members who did not request exclusion will receive a check.  We do not know how long it will take for the Court to grant preliminary approval, or ultimately grant final approval so checks can be mailed.  Our best estimate is that checks might go out late this year or early next year.

If you are a class member and your contact information has changed, please send us an email at with your name (and any former name while at Sprint), current address, and last four digits of your social security number.  We need last four digits of your SSN to help match you to the correct allocation.  If you have questions (other than your allocation amount since that information has not been approved by the Court), our clerk Will Elsass can assist you at Thank you.​