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401(k) & Retirement Plans

401(k) Fixed Account Litigation

Fixed or Guaranteed accounts are conservative investment options within a 401(k) plan intended to limit investment risk while providing a nominal rate of return or interest payment. While these investment options are often relatively safe ways to preserve retirement assets, it is possible that the issuers of such investment products are unreasonably suppressing returns and profiting at the expense of their investors.

Our ERISA/401(k) attorneys have experience in litigation related to Fixed or Guaranteed accounts. If you believe your 401(k) plan’s Fixed or Guaranteed account is providing an abnormally low rate of return on your investment, we may be able to help.

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401(k) Fixed Account Details

Fixed, Guaranteed, or Stable Value accounts can be attractive to retirement plan participants because of their safety of principle and fairly steady rates of return. As a result, these products often hold a high percentage of a plan’s money. Unfortunately, some financial service companies see this high level of investment as an opportunity to benefit themselves at the expense of participants. In addition, they may be misusing revenues to pay for administrative expenses and failing to disclose this to plan participants.

Examples of 401(k) Fixed Account Issues

If the rate of return being credited to your Fixed or Guaranteed account is minimal (less than 1.5%) and has remained so even as interest rates have risen since 2016, your account may be mismanaged and unreasonably profiting the account manager at your expense.

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