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Deceptive or Illegal Fees and Billing

Unauthorized & Illegal Phone Charges - "Cramming" & "Slamming"

"Cramming" and "Slamming", two common forms of telephone fraud, refer to the illegal practices of placing unauthorized, misleading or deceptive charges on your telephone bill and switching your telephone provider to another provider without your permission. If you believe either of these have happened to you, our consumer rights lawyers may be able to help you.

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"Cramming" & "Slamming" Details

Instances of "cramming" can be almost any kind of charge placed on your bill without your authorization.

Common examples include:

  • Services such as voicemail, personal 800 numbers, paging service and pay-per-use calls.
  • Local telephone service features such as call waiting or caller I.D., which are offered by your local phone company, but that either you did not authorize or you were misled about their actual cost.
  • A charge that appears on your bill:
    • Without any explanation;
    • From a company with a fake business name; or
    • For a service you didn’t order or aren’t actually receiving.

Examples of "Cramming" & "Slamming"

Customers commonly get crammed or slammed in the following ways:

  • Entering contests or sweepstakes.
  • Responding to offers of prizes or cash solicited by mail.
  • Depositing "bonus" or "refund" checks received by mail.
  • Answering a call offering a lower-priced phone plan or verifying your current plan.

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