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Retaliation and Whistleblower


There are many state and federal laws that protect employees who "blow the whistle" on illegal activity. Employers are prohibited from retaliating against employees who engage in "protected conduct" under these laws. There are many types of whistleblower laws, and these laws vary in their details, so consulting with an experienced whistleblower lawyer is crucial if you think you may have been retaliated against for blowing the whistle.

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Whistleblower Details

In Minnesota, the Minnesota Whistleblower Act protects employees who report violations of the law to a government agency or to their supervisors, and who refuse to perform an employer’s order that violates the law, and suffer retaliation as a result.

There are a number of other statutes that provide whistleblower protections, and even offer rewards, to whistleblowers. You do not necessarily need to be an employee to have a whistleblower claim: current employees, former employees, and others may also be protected. For example, if you report possible government fraud, mishandling of toxic substances, violations of tax or securities laws, discrimination in education, or failure to provide access to public facilities, whistleblower protection may be available. In some cases, the law may even reward you for blowing the whistle against entities that engage in these types of violations.

If you believe you have a whistleblower claim, or would simply like more information, please contact our whistleblower attorneys.

Examples of Potential Whistleblower Violations

The following are examples of employer conduct that may constitute illegal retaliation against whistleblowers:

  • You learn that your employer is violating a federal or state statute or regulation. You confront your employer about the violation, and your employer fires you.
  • You report to a government agency that your employer is perpetrating a fraud on its shareholders, and are fired as a result.
  • Your boss asks you to do something that you reasonably believe is illegal. You refuse, and are fired as a result.

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