We fight for the rights of          employees and consumers.

We have the experience, staff, and financial resources to take on companies of any size whether it be in a small individual action or a large class action. We are the voice for employees, for consumers, for you!

With offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and San Francisco, California, the Nichols Kaster law firm represents clients in employment matters, consumer class actions, and qui tam/whistleblower actions. Whether you are experiencing sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, unpaid overtime, or you believe you’ve been a victim of consumer fraud, Nichols Kaster’s employment and consumer attorneys will fight for the fairness you deserve.


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By: Michele Fisher, Partner It is well known that employers have legal obligations to ensure the workplace is free from discrimination and harassment. Notably, a growing number of companies have been taking measures against their employees who engage in behavior outside of work that is ... Read More »
After Justice Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court twelve days ago, President Trump took to the podium in a national press conference Monday night to announce the second nomination of his presidency: Brett Kavanaugh of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Kavanaugh’s ... Read More »
In an effort to curb recent litigation against restaurants for violating tip-credit policies, the Restaurant Law Center sued the Department of Labor last week claiming the DOL exceeded its authority by issuing an “underground regulation” on tip-credits and including a related provision in ... Read More »
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