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Employee Rights

A person’s employment is a large part of their life and who they are. When they are treated unfairly at work, it can have a major affect on them and those important to them. We take our job of protecting and advancing employee rights seriously. We have the lawyers and resources to take on employers large and small, and we have a proven track record of getting employees the fairness they deserve. Employment lawsuits can be complex, and you need attorneys with experience and knowledge of the law. Our law firm has that experience. From individual cases of harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination to class actions for the failure to pay proper overtime wages, we will do what it takes to enforce your rights in the workplace.

If you were mistreated at work, or if you simply are not sure if you are being treated fairly or in accordance with the law, we are willing to discuss your situation with you confidentially and at no cost. Our employee rights attorneys  handle just about every aspect of workplace unfairness, including those areas not specifically mentioned on this website. We look forward to hearing from you if you think you may need our help.

Matthew H. Morgan

Employment Law Attorney
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