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Protecting Your Future Financial Security

Defined benefit plans, more commonly known as pensions, are a type of retirement plan in which an employer promises benefits to an employee upon their retirement. These benefits are accumulated over time through employer contributions, which become available to the employee after they retire.

Pension plans are heavily regulated by state and federal laws. However, employers do not always comply with these regulations—and employees are the ones who pay the price.

If you suspect that your employer has mismanaged your pension plan, or if it has refused to pay you the benefits you are owed, reach out to our team at Nichols Kaster LLP. With decades of legal experience and a dedicated financial services litigation group, our firm has the knowledge, resources, and skills to help you fight for the fair benefits you deserve.

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Examples of Pension Plan Mismanagement

There are many ways in which an employer may mismanage an employee’s pension plan or otherwise violate state or federal regulations regarding the management and distribution of pension plan funds.

Some examples include:

  • Claiming that the employee has forfeited some or all of the pension benefits they are entitled to
  • Wrongfully terminating pension plans
  • Failing to pay benefits in full or in a timely manner
  • Denying appropriate vesting credits to employees who leave and later return
  • Miscalculating pension benefits
  • Terminating or denying benefits after the company undergoes a merger
  • Failing to provide prudent investment options or strategies

At Nichols Kaster LLP, we represent employees and other pension plan participants in complex litigation against employers, plan managers, and other entities. Our attorneys have extensive experience in this area of law, as well as a long and proven track record of success. To date, we have secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients.

What to Do If Your Employer Mismanaged Your Pension Plan

Pension plan mismanagement can lead to significant financial loss, not to mention the difficulties that come with the loss of financial security. There are many laws and regulations—including the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)—in effect that protect the rights of plan participants and beneficiaries. If you believe your employer or another party has failed to properly manage your pension, you could be entitled to take legal action and recoup the losses you have sustained.

If your employer has mismanaged your pension plan, it is strongly recommended that you contact an attorney with experience in pension plan mismanagement litigation. These are complex matters, and you need someone with an in-depth understanding of the financial services sector and its regulatory systems, processes, and agencies by your side.

At Nichols Kaster LLP, our San Francisco pension plan mismanagement attorneys have the experience needed to effectively advocate for you. Many of our attorneys have backgrounds in the financial services industry, in addition to years of experience litigating these types of cases. We understand the challenges you are facing and are fully prepared to go up against major industry players on your behalf.

When to Hire a Pension Plan Mismanagement Attorney

The sooner you contact our attorneys at Nichols Kaster LLP, the better. We can immediately begin gathering supporting evidence and working to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. If necessary, we are prepared to represent you and your best interests at trial.

You should act right away if you believe your employer or another party has mismanaged your pension plan or retirement account. Various statutes of limitations may apply to your case, and you could lose your right to sue if you wait too long. There is no cost associated with discussing your case with our team. Reach out to us today to schedule a complimentary case review.

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