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Protecting the Rights of Employees

California has some of the strongest worker protections in the nation. When employers fail to follow those laws, employees may be able to take legal action. Our San Francisco employment law attorneys focus on cases where these violations impact large groups of workers by bringing group or class actions.

At Nichols Kaster, LLP, we handle class action cases throughout San Francisco and all of the Bay Area. Our attorneys have earned national recognition for their dedication to protecting all types of workers across a wide range of industries. Learn how we can help you with your claim today.

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How We Can Help

Our San Francisco employment law attorneys handle employment law class actions involving claims such as race discrimination, gender discrimination, gender expression discrimination, and sex discrimination. If you have been impacted by an illegal policy or conduct by your employer, and believe others have experienced the same, contact us to hold them accountable on a class action basis.

We are well-versed in California employment laws, as well as specific statutes and regulations governing employers and employees in San Francisco, the Bay Area, and across the country.

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