FTS USA, LLC and Unitek USA, LLC

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On February 14, 2008, we filed a Complaint on behalf of technicians against FTS USA, LLC and Unitek USA, LLC. These technicians seek overtime under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The case is scheduled for trial beginning September 19th, 2011.

Nichols Kaster is working on this matter with the Donati Law Firm in Memphis, Tennessee.

This case is entitled Monroe, et al. v. FTS USA, LLC and Unitek USA, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:How Do I Join This Case?


    The sign up period for this lawsuit has passed.

  • Q:Which Locations Are Included?


    Past and present technicians from every FTS USA or Unitek USA office nationwide may be included in this lawsuit.

  • Q:What Time Frame Does This Case Cover?


    There is a federal statute of limitations in this case that allows you to recover pay for overtime hours worked within 2 years of signing up for the lawsuit. If we can prove the company willfully violated the law, the statute of limitations may be extended to 3 years.

  • Q:Do I Have To Pay Anything?


    You do not have to pay anything to our firm if you join the lawsuit. We are handling this case on a contingency basis. This means we will only be paid if the lawsuit is successful in obtaining relief either through a settlement or a final judgment, and that payment will only come out of that settlement or final judgment.

  • Q:What About Retaliation?


    The law protects you from retaliation for asserting your rights, and if you suffer retaliation, you may be able to assert additional claims. If you currently work for FTS or Unitek, and you feel you are the victim of retaliation for participating in this lawsuit, contact Theo Hoyer at (612) 256-3275 or thoyer@nka.com immediately.

  • Q:How Do I Learn More?


    To learn more about this case, feel free to contact Theo Hoyer at (612) 256-3275 or thoyer@nka.com

Case Updates

August 5, 2020

FTS Update

We are currently still awaiting a decision from the district court regarding how much FTS owes in fees and costs. We hope that the court will be issuing a decision in the coming months.

We will update you as soon as we received a decision. While we hope that FTS will not continue to delay payments to you, we cannot predict what it will do at this stage of the litigation. The most important thing you can do in the interim would be to keep your contact information up to date so we can maintain communication throughout the process. Feel free to contact our Class Action Clerk, Paige Dobberstein at pdobberstein@nka.com or 612-256-3226, with any questions or changes in contact information.

March 23, 2020

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