Mortgage Industry Employees – 
Misclassification As Exempt 
From Overtime Pay

No Company is Too Big to Play Fair.

Jobs in the mortgage industry require a lot of hard work, and unfortunately, banks and mortgage companies have notoriously poor pay practices. As a result many loan officers, underwriters, and processors are denied their rightful compensation.

Our firm has handled hundreds of minimum wage and overtime cases for mortgage employees. If you worked as a loan officer, underwriter, or processor in the last three years and were denied some or all of your pay, you may have a claim.

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Job Misclassification

Employees are often improperly classified as exempt from overtime pay when the nature of their work entitles them to overtime pay under the law.

Loan Officers

Banks and mortgage companies have routinely misclassified their loan officers (also referred to as mortgage originators, loan originators, mortgage consultants, and account executives) as exempt from overtime pay and minimum wages. Over the past ten years, our firm has represented more than 10,000 loan officers from across the country in lawsuits against banks and mortgage companies for unpaid wages. In these and other cases, most courts have found that loan officers are entitled to minimum wages and overtime pay when their primary job duty is selling loans from inside an office.

These rulings are now supported by the United States Department of Labor, which recently issued an important publication reaching the same conclusion. Click here to read that publication. Just because you reached an agreement with your employer that you will be paid on a salary, salary plus commissions, or commission basis, does not mean that you are not entitled to your overtime pay. You cannot waive your minimum wage and overtime rights by an agreement with your employer.

Many employers have reclassified their loan officers and are now paying minimum wages and overtime pay. Loan officers who are reclassified may have a claim for the minimum wages and overtime pay they were denied prior to the reclassification. Even if the employer pays some of these pre-reclassification wages due, an employee may still have a claim if the employer did not compensate them for all the hours they worked.

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