Nichols Kaster Attorney Writes About Student Loan Options as Department of Education Seeks to Protect Students by Pulling Federal Loan Access for MN School of Business and Globe University

Chris Wysokinski recently published an article on counseling indebted students on their options after a school closure in Minnesota Bench and Bar. On the same day the article entitled, “When School’s Out Forever” was published, the U.S. Department of Education announced that it was shutting down Globe University and Minnesota School of Business’ access for federal student aid funds. This followed an earlier court ruling which found that the schools were misleading and defrauding students. (MPR News Article).

This follows an earlier development this fall, when ITT Technical Institute closed its doors to thousands of students throughout the country after the Department of Education barred the school from using federal financial aid to enroll new students. (New York Times Article).

Nichols Kaster has previously covered actions by State Attorney Generals against for-profit schools, including ITT Tech. If you have concerns about your experiences with for-profit colleges or unfair student loan practices, feel free to contact us.