Apollo Retail Specialists, LLC Update

We have great news!  Last week we resolved the unpaid-wage portion of this lawsuit.  We met with Apollo’s attorneys in Ohio and were able to come to an agreement on our clients’ claims for unpaid travel time.  Next, we need the Court to preliminarily approve the settlement.  Within the next couple of weeks we will be filing our motion with the Court, asking it to approve the settlement as fair and reasonable.  Once preliminary approval is granted, we will be mailing our clients a notice of settlement.  This notice will include information about the lawsuit and the claims being released, and it will also inform each person how much they will be receiving if they choose to accept the settlement.  After that, we will again ask the Court for its final approval of the settlement.  Then we will distribute the settlement checks.  It is very important that if you worked for Apollo that you update us with any new contact information.  To do so, please contact Madeline Carr at (877) 344-4628 , or mcarr@nka.com.