Verisma Medical Records Charges - Update August 9, 2017

On July 27, 2017, the Court certified a class of individuals who meet the following definition:

All persons who (1) requested copies of medical records (either by themselves or through a lawyer, personal representative, or other qualified person acting on their behalf) from a health care facility owned and/or operated by the University of Rochester, (2) were charged by or through Verisma Systems, Inc. for copies of such records in accordance with Verisma’s “NY Fee Schedule PHL 18,” and (3) paid such charges (either directly or through the person making the request on their behalf) and had their records released by or through Verisma on or after May 14, 2011, excluding any principals or employees of Defendants (“the Class” or “the URMC Medical Records Class”).

The Court also certified two sub-classes: one for Highland Hospital and one for Strong Memorial Hospital.

The Court denied Verisma's motion for summary judgment on May 15, 2017.