Testimony at Minnesota State Capitol Underscores Need for Stronger Wage Theft Laws

The Minnesota House Labor Committee recently heard testimony on bipartisan legislation aimed at curbing wage theft, the illegal practice of not paying workers for all their work.  The Committee listened to workers describe the tactics their employers use to withhold wages from their paycheck, such as requiring cooks to clock out before cleaning their workstation, shifting hours between pay periods to avoid paying overtime, or refusing to pay shift differentials for working holidays.  Primarily affecting low- to middle-wage workers, wage theft is a practice that extends to nearly all sectors of the economy, with large fines being paid by Fortune 500 companies such as Wells Fargo, State Farm Insurance, and AT&T.  If enacted, HF6 would set rules and penalties for employers who fail to pay wages owed to its employees.

For years, Nichols Kaster has aggressively pursued employers who engage in this practice, representing thousands of individuals fighting to collect wages they are lawfully owed.  If you believe your employer is withholding wages that are lawfully yours, please contact us here to discuss your potential claim(s).  To read the article in full, click here

Photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash