Get to Know Paul Lukas

This week, get to know Paul J. Lukas:

For more than 29 years, Paul’s aggressive and creative litigation strategies have enabled him to successfully represent his clients. Paul's energy, charisma and fondness for the practice of law, and those who practice it, have made him not only a nationally recognized litigator, but also a popular lecturer on employment, consumer, ERISA, and civil litigation strategies. 

Five fun facts about Paul:

  1. The quality I most like in a lawyer is…

Lawyers who do not taking themselves too seriously.

  1. If you were in my office, you’d…

Wish I would turn off my music and not shine my shoes or clip my fingernails.

  1. If an old trend comes back into style, I hope it’s…

Ford Crown Victorias

  1. Would you rather give up Google or social media? 

Already gave up social media, so giving up Google would be a sweep!

  1. My favorite animal is…

My ferocious dog.

Paul Lukas