Nichols Kaster Named The Employment Rights Law Firm of The Year

Nichols Kaster, PLLP has been named the Employment Rights Law Firm of the Year by ALM and The National Trial Lawyers. Michele Fisher accepted the award on behalf of the firm at an awards ceremony in Miami.

According to an ALM spokesperson, "the lawyers and law firms selected this year from more than 250 submissions have demonstrated repeated success in cutting-edge work on behalf of plaintiffs over the last 15 months. They also possess a solid track record of client wins over the past three to five years.The 2020 Elite Trial Lawyers finalists delivered results for clients across a wide range of cases with some of the most difficult sets of facts, very challenging circumstances, often fighting uphill battles for years. Many were up against some of the most prominent defense firms on the globe . . . The winners stood out based on the uniqueness and importance of their cases as well as the results delivered for their clients.”

Employment Rights Law Firm of The Year