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Today, most employees depend on their workplace retirement plan to provide a reliable source of income in retirement. Unfortunately, all too often plan providers ignore their obligations or act selfishly when managing employee retirement plans. They might fill the plan with expensive or poorly performing investments, charge excessive fees, or line their own pockets at the expense of plan participants.

At Nichols Kaster, we believe that your 401(k), pension, or retirement plan should never be mismanaged or hijacked for someone else's benefit. The law protects your retirement account from this kind of mismanagement and disloyalty. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients fight back against employers and other responsible parties who have failed to fulfill their obligations in connection with retirement plans.

401k & Retirement Plan Disputes We Handle

We serve clients across the nation who need reliable legal guidance in the following areas:

  • 401(k) / Defined Contribution Plans: Under ERISA, employers must act solely in the interest of plan participants and with the prudence, skill, and care befitting a retirement plan of its size and character. We have brought dozens of cases on behalf of employees alleging their employer violated these fiduciary duties by:

    • Self-Dealing by Financial Services Companies: Just because your employer is in the investment business, or offers services to other retirement plans does not mean they can automatically offer those services or investments to you. If you believe your 401(k)-style plan has been administered so as to benefit your employer in any way, our legal team may be able to help.

    • Excessive Fees: Under ERISA, employers must ensure that participants in 401k plans pay only reasonable administrative and investment expenses. This includes the fees charged for services such as recordkeeping, investment consulting, and those associated with the investment options themselves. Contact us today if you believe the fees and expenses charged to your company’s retirement plan are excessive and might prevent you from achieving financial comfort in retirement.

    • Imprudent Investments: Those responsible for administering and managing your 401(k) plan have a fiduciary duty to select and retain only investments that are appropriate for the plan. If you believe the fiduciaries of your plan have caused losses by including underperforming or excessively risky investment options, please contact us to discuss your options.

    • Pension Plans: Both federal and state laws guarantee participants and beneficiaries of pension plans certain legal rights. If you believe that you are not being paid what was promised to you under your employee pension plan, that your vested benefits are being taken away by a change in the plan structure, that your benefits are being reduced through the use of outdated mortality tables resulting in excessively-reduced benefits for those who take a survivorship option, or that your pension plan is being generally mismanaged, please contact us to discuss whether you have a claim.

    • Health & Welfare Plans: Employers cannot administer employee benefits in a way that discriminates against groups who are protected by state and federal anti-discrimination laws, or in a way that is inconsistent with contracts or other agreements that have been made with employees. Contact our attorneys for a free consultation about whether your workplace health or disability insurance plan is in compliance with federal employee benefit statutes.

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At Nichols Kaster, we have a large team and robust legal resources that clients throughout the nation can rely on to defend their rights and protect their financial future. Our attorneys are zealous advocates committed to fighting for the justice our clients deserve.

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