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Employers who offer deferred compensation must abide by their promises.

If you believe that you have a claim for deferred compensation that your employer has refused to pay, contact our lawyers today to discuss your potential claims.

Deferred Compensation Details

Employers can offer deferred compensation to employees, which is compensation that is earned now but paid at a later date. While employers are not required to provide deferred compensation, once they do, various legal claims may arise if they fail to provide the offered compensation as promised.

Our employment attorneys are here to help if your employer refuses to pay your deferred compensation.

Examples of Potential Deferred Compensation Claims

Examples of potential legal claims involving deferred compensation include:

  • Your employment contract guaranteed deferred compensation as part of your employment but your employer refuses to honor the contract.
  • Your employer changed the amount or payment of deferred compensation after you met the requirements for payment of the compensation.
  • Your employer refuses to provide the deferred compensation after you depart from the company even though the compensation plan guarantees its payment.

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