Nichols Kaster to Present at 2012 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute.

Paul Lukas, Steven Smith, James Kaster and Michelle Drake, partners at Nichols Kaster, PLLP, and associate attorneys Katherine Vander Pol and Adrianna Shannon, will be speaking on May 21 and 22 in Minneapolis, MN at the Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute.   

On May 21 -- Paul Lukas will present on, “2012 FLSA Case Update – In-Depth,” in addition to being a panelist for “FLSA ‘Off the Clock’ Litigation – The Hottest Issues in the Hottest Cases.” 

Steven Smith will speak on, “Top 10-Mistakes Employers Make When Dealing with Pregnant Employees,” and “8th Circuit and Federal District Court Update.” 

Michelle Drake will present on, “Real-World Ethics Issues and Answers for the Employment Lawyer.” 

Katherine Vander Pol and Adrianna Shannon will speak on, “Public Sector Employee Speech: Whistle-blowing and the First Amendment.”

On May 22-- James Kaster will be moderating the session, “Deciphering Dukes v. Wal-Mart: The Status of EEO Class Action Litigation: Post-Dukes,” and “Is it Mere Pretext?  The Key to Many Discrimination Cases.”

Adrianna Shannon will be a panelist for, “Handling the High-Profile Public Sector Case.”

Steven Smith will present a repeat session of, “8th Circuit and Federal District Court Update.”

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