R&R Solutions Update

Since our last update numerous people who received checks from R&R have contacted us and decided to join this case.  We have also been able to confirm that there is an investigation by the United States Department of Labor but have not been able to find out what the Department determined or whether the checks that are being sent include all the unpaid wages and liquidated damages, which can double the amount that is owed, to which people who join this case are legally entitled to.  We have contacted the person at R&R listed in the letter to find out how R&R arrived at the amount of the check for each person because, based on what has been provided to us, they have varied from less than $100 to over $10,000, but she has not returned our call.  The complaint in this case demanded the maximum amount of damages for the full 3 years that an employee can recovery under federal law, but if you cash the check and/or sign the Receipt for Payment of Back Wages, Employment Benefits, or Other Compensation you may not be able to receive more even if you were legally entitled to more or the people who join the case end up receiving more.

If you received a check from R&R or are interested in joining the case please contact us immediately to discuss your options.  Wade Underwood, the clerk for this matter can be reached at wunderwood@nka.com.