Get to Know Michele Fisher

Michele is a managing partner at Nichols Kaster whose practice is primarily dedicated to national wage and hour class and collective action litigation. She has represented tens of thousands of workers seeking to recover overtime pay, minimum wages, and commission payments. 

Five fun facts about Michele:

1.            If you were in my office, you’d find . . . Tabasco sauce for my bacon and eggs I have almost every day for breakfast.

2.            Nothing cheers me up like . . .wearing crazy socks at home.  Flying elephants and smiling badgers make me happy.

3.            If people knew me, they’d know . . . I dislike giving speeches and am very afraid of heights.  That is why I routinely give speeches and have taken helicopter flying lessons.  

4.            I decided I wanted to be a lawyer when . . . my mom told me I should consider something else because she didn’t want to see me disappointed. 

5.            My favorite animal is . . . the gibbon.  I have long arms and can relate.