What Counts as Wrongful Termination?

Many of us are hard workers in our careers. Perhaps you’ve obtained your dream job and always strive to push yourself above and beyond what is expected of you at work. While you may feel that you have the ultimate job security, you could still be let go at any time.

Even an employee with outstanding work ethic and attendance can face termination. The ability to both hire and fire employees rests mainly in the hands of your employer. You might feel confused and not even know why you were terminated but have a feeling that you could be the victim of wrongful termination. We are going to go over the basics of wrongful termination so you can better determine if your termination was for an unacceptable reason.

What is wrongful termination?

Wrongful termination is when an employee is fired for a reason that violates the law. You may feel that you were wrongfully fired or let go if you weren’t provided a solid reason as to why you were terminated. If you are an at-will employee, you can be terminated at any time for any reason without notice. It might shock you, but it’s true! Unless your employer violated the law or your employee rights, there isn’t much you can do to remedy your termination.

What are examples of wrongful termination?

There are some illegal reasons why an employee cannot be terminated that involve violating federal anti-discrimination laws. A few examples of discriminatory firings that could result in a lawsuit include the following:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Religion

States also have their own anti-discrimination laws.

Your employer also cannot fire you as a way to retaliate against you. There are many circumstances where this could occur, including if your employer fires you for taking time off to go to jury duty. Other examples of illegal reasons for termination include:

  • Whistleblowing
  • Defamation
  • Violation of an employment contract 

What can I do if I think I’m the victim of wrongful termination?

If you have reason to believe you have a wrongful termination case, contact Nichols Kaster. At Nichols Kaster, we have a team of lawyers who will be your advocate if you ever face wrongful termination. If you feel that you were wrongfully terminated, contact us to get in contact with our team of attorneys to discuss your situation.