Nichols Kaster Attorneys Are Currently In Trial On Three Cases

The first trial, entitled Foster et al v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, is taking place in Columbus, Ohio. In this case, Plaintiffs, who worked as special investigators, are seeking overtime wages they allege they are due. Attorneys Matt Morgan, Paul Lukas, Rebecca Bailey and Reena Desai are trying the case.

The second trial is taking place in Memphis, Tennessee. The case, entitled Monroe et al v. FTS USA and Unitek USA, seeks to recover denied overtime wages for technicians. Nichols Kaster attorneys Rachhana Srey and Anna Prakash are handling the case along with Tennessee attorney Billy Ryan of the Donati Law Firm.

The third case, Eldredge v. City of St. Paul, is taking place in St. Paul, Minnesota. In the action, our client, a St. Paul firefighter, is claiming that the City failed to accommodate his disability, treated him differently based on his disability, and retaliated against him after he complained that the City was engaging in unlawful behavior. The case is being tried by Nichols Kaster attorneys Steven Andrew Smith and Adrianna Shannon.