Nichols Kaster Secures Multi-Million Dollar Settlement in Qui Tam Healthcare Fraud Case

Nichols Kaster and its co-counsel (Jonathan Kroner Law Office and the Law Offices of Darth M. Newman) aided the US Government and relator in collectively recovering approximately $5.95 million through a Qui Tam and retaliation case against Escambia County for healthcare fraud, alleging inadequate training and recertification of paramedics and EMTs. A significant portion of the settlement went directly to the relator, Dr. Rayme Edler, who faced workplace harassment and discrimination after challenging the County’s unlawful practices.

Upon becoming Medical Director of Escambia County in 2018, Dr. Edler uncovered a scheme involving fraudulent training certifications. Proper training and recertification are vital for patient care, ensuring paramedics and EMTs stay current with medical guidelines. Dr. Edler’s complaints led to investigations and charges against four individuals by Florida authorities.

In her efforts to address these issues, Dr. Edler faced severe harassment and retaliation from the County, including denial of training requests, resource deprivation, isolation, and termination. Despite public criticism, she persevered in advocating for patients’ well-being.