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On March 16, 2020, we filed a case against Health Carousel, LLC, in the Hamilton County, Ohio Court of Common Pleas. We brought this case on behalf of all nurses that entered the United States through Health Carousel’s Passport USA program and paid a financial penalty in order to be released from their employment with the company. Health Carousel removed the case to federal court in the Southern District of Ohio on April 20, 2020. Plaintiff filed an amended complaint on May 6, 2020.

The complaint alleges that Health Carousel recruits nurses, primarily from the Philippines, to work in American healthcare facilities under circumstances that amount to indentured servitude. To keep nurses working, among other things, Health Carousel contractually bars nurses from leaving their employment for a period of more than three years and threatens them with stiff financial penalties. The complaint further alleges that Health Carousel’s nurses are subjected to threats of lawsuits, unfair working conditions, and stringent work rules that isolate them from each other as well as from other potential employers.

This is a civil rights class action, brought under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and Ohio’s human trafficking law, challenging Health Carousel’s illegal practices as endured by Plaintiff and other similarly situated nurses. Plaintiff on behalf of herself and members of the proposed Class, seeks monetary damages.

This case is entitled Carmen v. Health Carousel, LLC, Court File No. 1:20cv00313 (S.D. Ohio)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Am I Eligible?


    This case seeks to represent a class of all nurses that entered the United States through Health Carousel’s Passport USA program and paid a financial penalty within the ten years prior to the filing of this action in order to be released from their employment with or through Health Carousel. If you have questions about whether you are included in this class, contact us.

  • Q:What is a Class Action?


    In a class action lawsuit, one or more people, called the “class representatives,” sue on behalf of themselves and other people who have similar claims. Together, this group of people is called a “class” or “class members.” The class representative and the class members together are called the “Plaintiffs.” The companies they sue are called the “Defendants.” The judge or jury resolves the claims for everyone in the class—except those who ask to be excluded from the lawsuit.

  • Q:How Long Will This Take?


    Class actions can often take years. Please check this page periodically for updates on the case’s status.

  • Q:How do I Join This Case?


    As part of our investigatory efforts, we are interested in speaking with others who are or were employed by Health Carousel and believe they were treated unlawfully.

    You may contact us toll-free at 1-877-448-0492, write to us at Nichols Kaster, PLLP, 4700 IDS Center, 80 South Eighth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402, or email Attorney Nicole Schladt at

Case Updates

February 2, 2022

Bloomberg Businessweek Features Nichols Kaster Client in Article About Labor Trafficking

On February 2, 2022, Bloomberg Businessweek published an article about a class action lawsuit brought by Nichols Kaster Clients against Health Carousel for alleged trafficking, racketeering, and other labor violations in the Southern District of Ohio. The article, which can be found here, highlights healthcare workers as they fight back against industry practices that they allege trap immigrants in indentured servitude. Nichols Kaster is joined by colleagues at Towards Justice, Barkan Meizlish Derose Cox, LLP, Donati Law, and Gupta Wessler in litigating the case.

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