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Civil Rights

Deceptive Health Insurance


"Faith-based” health care companies or “health care sharing ministries” often market themselves as an alternative to traditional health insurance. Under these plans, members typically pay premiums that the companies claim will be pooled and redistributed to pay for medical costs. True health care sharing ministries do not have to abide by certain regulations, but only certain companies can qualify as a health sharing ministry. 

Companies who are not true health care sharing ministries may be trying to pass themselves off as ministries to avoid regulation. Companies may also be engaging in unfair business practices by, for example, allegedly misleading consumers about the details of plans and failing to cover certain types of medical expenses or preexisting conditions. Multiple states have taken action to stop these companies from offering their products in their states. 

If you believe you have been treated unfairly by a health care sharing ministry or company claiming to offer faith-based health care, please contact our Civil Rights and Impact Litigation Group. Our clerk is available at 612-256-3253 or, and will be able to discuss your concerns and connect you with one of our attorneys.

Type of Investigation

Improper faith-based or health care sharing ministries