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Illegal Bank Fees and Unauthorized Charges


Many banks generate substantial profits by charging customers add-on fees. Often, these are undisclosed fees that were never agreed to by the consumer and may even include illegal kickbacks to the bank. In some cases they may be charges for services that were never performed. Examples of potentially illegal or unauthorized bank fees include:

  • Mortgage. Charging a customer a fee to pay their mortgage over the phone or online.
  • Inspection fees due to alleged mortgage default: Charging a fee for sending someone to inspect a home every month because the owner is assumed to be in default on their mortgage;
  • Inspection fees due to property damage Requiring a homeowner to pay for inspections of repairs in the event of damage to the property;
  • Legal fees Charging the homeowner for the bank’s legal fees in preparing a foreclosure, even though the foreclosure was never filed;
  • Research Service fees Charging the customer when the bank provides the customer with an answer to a question about the customer’s account;
  • Inflated third-party fees that include a kickback to the bank or its affiliate:Requiring a homeowner to pay a third-party fee that is inflated because it includes a kickback to the bank or a bank affiliate;
  • Undisclosed Fees:Charging a customer a fee that was not disclosed in advance;
  • Credit Card Protection Fees:Charging a customer a fee for an unwanted credit card protection service on a bank or credit card.

Nichols Kaster understands how unfair it can feel to take on a large corporation on your own. Please contact our experienced class action attorneys if you have been the victim of any of any illegal bank fees or unauthorized charges.

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Illegal Bank Fee's and Unauthorized Charges