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California Minimum Wage Violations

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Our firm is currently investigating whether certain employers in California are not paying the proper minimum wage for all hours worked. Recently, California courts have ruled that workers in California must be paid at least the minimum wage for all time spent under the employer’s control—even for nonproductive time (see here for the current California minimum wage). This means that, for covered employees, time between paid tasks or other compensable time would need to be paid at (at least) the minimum wage. Employers paying covered workers on a commission-only, piece rate, or flag rate might be more likely to not pay their employees properly. It does not matter if the company is headquartered outside of the California, as long as the employee worked within the state.

We’re interest in speaking with:

  • Massage therapists paid commission-only or flat rate-only per massage;
  • Mechanics and other automotive repair workers paid a flag rate only;
  • Non-unionized or recently unionized flight attendants, pilots, and other inflight crew on airlines with destinations and departures within the state of California not paid for time worked prior to take off and after landing;
  • Other workers not paid at least the California minimum wage for each hour worked.

If, during the past four years, you have worked for an employer in California that has not paid you at least the California minimum wage for time you were under the employer’s control, you may be eligible to make a claim for damages. If you have questions about this investigation or would like to discuss your potential claims, please contact us.