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Oil Industry Employees

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According to federal law, most employees must be paid overtime wages when they work more than forty hours in a week unless they are covered by an exemption established by law. Depending on their job duties, employees in the oil and gas industry may not fit under any of the exemptions and therefore may be eligible for overtime wages. Our firm has handled many lawsuits involving overtime wages in the oilfield.

Federal investigators at the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division have also focused on wage and hour violations in the oil and gas industry. For instance, mud loggers and mud logging technicians were awarded back wages through a Department of Labor investigation.

We are currently investigating potential overtime violations for oil and gas workers who held the following positions:
Coil operator Frac sand coordinator Pump supervisor
Coil tubing operator Grease operators Reverse pump operators
Derrickhand Land agent Reverse pump supervisors
Directional driller Logging while drilling (LWD) Rigger
Driller Measurement while drilling (MWD) Roughneck
Drilling fluids engineer Mud engineer Roustabout
Drilling fluids specialist Mud logger Safety inspector
Drilling fluids technician Mud logging technician Sit hand
Field engineer Mud man Solids control
Field hand MWD/LWD/DD Solids control technician
Field sand coordinator Plug technician Toolpusher
Field specialist Pressure control operator Wireline operator
Flowback hand Pump operator

If you worked in the oil and gas industry and were not paid an overtime premium for your overtime hours, you may have a claim.  Simply because you reached an agreement with the company that you will be paid on a salary, a day rate, or some combination thereof, does not mean that you are not entitled to overtime pay.  You cannot waive your overtime rights through an agreement. Similarly, if you signed an independent contractor agreement, you may still be entitled to overtime benefits just like other employees.

Our overtime attorneys hold companies accountable for unfair and illegal wage practices. Let us fight for what is fair for you. If you have questions about this investigation or would like to discuss your potential claims, please contact us.