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Special Investigators – Misclassification As Exempt From Overtime Pay

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Some employers in the insurance industry pay special investigators who investigate suspicious insurance claims a salary only, denying them overtime pay during weeks they work more than 40 hours.  Our overtime attorneys have challenged that practice and taken the position that insurance companies (or companies that work with insurers to do investigative work) that pay a salary and do not pay overtime are unlawfully classifying special investigators as exempt employees.

If you are employed as an investigator for an insurance company (or for companies that work with insurance companies) and your main duties include fact finding such as, investigating suspicious insurance claims by interviewing witnesses, consulting investigative databases, and taking photographs, but you are not paid any overtime pay for hours worked over 40 in a workweek, you may have a claim.  Our firm has handled these overtime cases and can help determine if you may be entitled to additional pay.

If you have questions about this investigation or would like to discuss your potential claims, please contact us.