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Verizon - Investigation into Potential Overtime Pay Calculation Violations

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Our law firm is investigating whether employees who work(ed) for Verizon are owed additional overtime pay, and we understand that you may have been employed by the company.

We have information which leads us to believe Verizon may provide its hourly employees with other compensation such as bonuses (e.g., sales, performance, sign-on) and/or restricted stock units (RSUs).  We are investigating whether Verizon may have failed to include the value of bonuses and/or restricted stock units when calculating the rate paid for overtime hours worked.  If the company omitted these forms of compensation, it may have paid its employees overtime at a rate lower than the law requires.  If you worked for Verizon in the past three years, worked over 40 hours per week, and received bonuses and/or restricted stock units, you could be eligible for additional compensation.  

If you are willing to assist us with our investigation by answering a few quick questions or have questions about whether your overtime pay was calculated incorrectly, please contact Dana Nelson directly at (612) 256-3222 or at