Direct Home Health Care, Inc. – Overtime Lawsuit - Update June 8, 2017

To date, 116 clients have joined the case. Now the case has entered the discovery phase. In this phase, we exchange information with Direct Home Health Care and begin to calculate potential damages for our clients. On Tuesday, June 6, we took the deposition of Direct Home Health Care’s owner, Abdullahi Ali Jama, to learn more about the company and its pay practices. Discovery is likely to continue at least through the summer. In the event that we need more information from you, we will be in touch.

Direct Home Health Care has agreed to attend a settlement conference with our Magistrate Judge on July 28, 2017 to see if we can resolve the case. While we are eager to negotiate on your behalf, we are unable to predict whether will reach a settlement at the conference. If we are able to reach a settlement, we will send information to each of our clients and will not settle your claim without your written approval. You should hear back from us regarding the outcome of that settlement conference sometime in August.

If you have any questions in the meantime, or if you need to update your contact information, please contact the case clerk, Adron Mason, at (877) 344-4628 or via email at