Renewed Judgment Obtained in District Court but the Fight Continues

After years of appeals, we were finally able to get a renewed judgment against FTS in district court in November 2019.  What this means is that the district court has determined a sum certain FTS owes in overtime wages to you and the other cable installers included in this case.  We are currently awaiting a decision from the district court regarding how much FTS owes in fees and costs.  We expect to receive that decision in the coming months. 

We are uncertain what FTS is going to do next, but they have indicated that another appeal may be taken.  FTS continues to believe that the judgment the district court entered, which was calculated based on explicit guidance from the appeals court, is incorrect.  While we hope that FTS will not continue to delay payments to you, we are unable to prevent it from continuing with the litigation through another appeal.  Regardless of what happens, we will continue to fight for your back wages.  Together, we will hold FTS accountable for its illegal pay practices.