The Anthem Companies Case Update

Earlier this year, the Court rejected our request to send notice of lawsuit to utilization review nurses who worked for Anthem anywhere in the country and instead, limited our potential collective group to utilization review nurses who worked for Anthem in Tennessee, the state where our lawsuit is filed. We sent notice to Tennessee workers in the spring, and the deadline to join has since passed. We disagree with the Court’s ruling and believe that our case should include workers across the country. The Court permitted us to file a petition for permission to appeal the decision that limited our collective to Tennessee workers to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Our petition for permission to appeal was granted, and the Court of Appeals has given us a briefing schedule to submit written arguments regarding whether our collective can include utilization review nurses across the country or only those in Tennessee. Our opening brief is due October 13, and Anthem’s response brief is due November 12. In the meantime, the case is paused until the Court of Appeals makes a ruling.

As always, please reach out with any questions and let us know if your contact information changes. We will continue to update you on the progress of this appeal.