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Loans, Financing, and Borrowers' Rights

Hidden Bank Fees

When reviewing your bank or other financial statement you may see fees and charges that sound legitimate but you don’t fully understand why they are being charged. If these fees or charges are new or refer to services that you never signed up for, they may be unauthorized and illegal.

Our consumer protection attorneys can help you investigate such fees and charges and determine whether they are lawful under state and federal law. These charges are likely small, but add up to significant profit for the bank when spread over thousands of customers for a long period of time. A couple dollars for you can translate to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars for the banks. Class actions -- where consumers team up to sue corporations -- can be a powerful tool to tell banks to stop engaging in these illegal practices.

In reviewing your insurance statement you may see fees and charges for services that you don’t recall signing up for, seem excessive, or you just don’t understand. Some of these charges may be unauthorized or illegal and you may be entitled to a refund. Often, they are small in amount and insurance companies assume that a consumer will not go through the trouble of trying to recover such a small amount, but a few dollars here and there can add up to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in revenue for the insurance company.

Our consumer lawyers can help determine if you’ve been the victim of an illegal fee or charge and may be able help you recover your money.

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