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The law prohibits employers from failing to provide stock options when they are promised or guaranteed to employees as part of their employment.

Stock Option Details

Generally, employers are not required to provide stock options as part of employee compensation. However, if the company provides stock options as part of the compensation package, and an employee performs the work necessary to earn the options, certain legal claims can arise if the employer refuses to pay out the options or alters the payment after the work has been completed.

If you believe your employer has failed to pay required stock options, you may have a legal claim.

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Examples of Stock Option Issues

Examples of potential claims regarding stock options include:

  • Your employment contract includes a payment of stock options but your employer refuses to provide the stock options.
  • Your employer unilaterally alters the payment of stock options after you performed the work necessary to earn the options.
  • Your employer refuses to pay the value of the options after you separate from the company.

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